Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Destiny of The Greater Good

Destiny of The Greater Good

Lying directly to galactic northeast of the Tau Empire the soldiers of Kandavar have had their run ins with the upstart race. The military might arrayed in the Kandavar would be more than enough to hold back the problematic Tau if it wasn’t for the recent threat of Hive Fleet Kraken and the effort to hunt down isolated dormant sleeping cells that still hide within planets previously devoured by the Hive Mind . Luckily for the people of Kandavar the Tau do not yet posses warp travel technology and the distance from Dal’yth across the Perdus Rift in northern Tau territory is far for the near light speed space craft they possess.
However, that will not keep the expansionist Tau at bay forever. Aun’Va has deemed it time for the Third Sphere Expansion and Kandavar will see war soon.

A new commander has been awoken from cryostasis to lead the attack. Years before on Sha’Draig a young Shas’Ui made the killing shot against a Hive Tyrant that ended the threat from Hive Fleet Gorgon, now newly appointed by the ethereal caste Commander O’Shasshi has prepared for the opportunity to strike.

While Commander Shadowsun has already started the expansion phase across the Damocles Gulf, Tau forces have been preparing for war on Kandavar. As forces have been mounting in preparation, probes were sent out into Kandavar space to spy on the Imperial Forces. Finally after one year of patience the time has come. Always so slow to react, Imperial Forces in Kandavar have finally received the plea for aid from Mu’gulath Bay and a retribution fleet has been sent out.

The closest planet across the Perdus Rift is Tanacus and this is where the Tau must establish a beach head for further advancement into Kandavar. Even with a massive portion of Kandavar’s fleet out of the picture, Tanacus is not defenseless. More steel than planet anymore, Tanacus has been all but consumed by the Mechanicus. Ringed by twin orbital defense platforms, along with the entire Cadian 876th defense force, Tanacus is almost as well defended as Kandavar herself.

The timing is right, and the hunter as made the decision to pounce, but nothing is more dangerous than a cornered animal.
Marshall your forces and deliver the Mont’ka to those that stand in the way of the greater good, or stand firm and expunge the vile xenos from the domains of mankind. Which will you choose?


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