Thursday, July 31, 2014

Kandavar Campaign

Crushing at Kandavar



On the outskirts of the Eastern Fringe the Kandavar System was originally discovered by Rogue Trader Suleman Kandavar in 756.M32.

With the exception of a feral Orc tribe little stood in the way of a quick assimilation of the Kandavar System. Mechanicum cartographer survey teams assigned the Kandavar System as a level Beta resource system due to the abundance of precious adamantium on the planet x75638.35 now called Dependance and small extractor teams began the oh so glorious process of removing it.

The neighboring planet to Dependance was within tolerances for human settlement and was named Kandavar after its founder. A small PDF garrison was established and Kandavar was left to provide it tithe. 

In 384.M37 the Imperium saw it necessary to increase the number of Space Marine chapters patrolling the Eastern Fringes. Kandavar played a pivitol role in this for two reasons. First being the convient fact that Kandavar currently has a stable warp route, and second is that for the first reason The Lords of Terran deemed it that a new progenoid processing lab would be established to facilitate the rapid expansion of Space Marines in the area.

Kandavar saw a rapid expansion in growth for the next thousand years as defenses were raised and construction of all forms came flooding into the system to the will of The Lords of Terra. Yuion was the next planet in the system selected for utilization to provide the food stuffs for the ever increasing population as Kandavar was quickly covered from its north to south poles with hive cities, and defense works and was no longer capable of production of that manner. 

Kandavar quickly became a prominent system on the fringes of the Imperium and soon eclipsed all other systems in the area except for beautiful Macragge.

For thousands of years now Kandavar has stood as a bulkwark for humanity spreading the Emperors Will into the lightless edges of mankinds domain, but now is the Time of Ending and no where is safe in the galaxy that knows only war and Kandavar is no exception. 

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