Monday, September 15, 2014

The Devourer Strikes

Since the destruction of most of Hive Fleet Kraken years before, Kandavar has played an integral part in providing forces to defend against another emergence of the dreaded Tyranid foe. PDF forces have been drafted from nearby worlds, deep scanner probes sent out into the cold void, massive fortifications and newly forged space stations now stand defiant on the eastern fringes.

However, space is vast and scanners, soldiers, and even walls can be overcome with the right application of power and cunning. The Hivemind adapts and overcomes or starves and dies out. The Hivemind has gourged on enough human biomass to have gained a better understanding of its prey. With this knowledge infiltrating lictors and genestealers now understand that eliminating certain targets can allow for the bioships to come to lesser harm when attacking a planet.

PDF commanders, watch standers, astropaths and even power generator operators are all targets once they can be identified .

The fall of Signa IV came from one of these infiltrations as a genestealer stowed away on a Rogue Trader ship made way onto the moon and infested deeply into the the defense force and the servitors operating the scanners were all eliminated by las shots to the back of the head.

When the bioships arrived there was little warning for defenses to be raised on Signa IV and the moon was quickly stripped of all life. Barely satisfied the Hivemind moved on to bigger and better meals and Yuion is next in line to be attacked.

Yuion is almost 95% covered in water, with the major export being varying types of seaweed that can be used as dry rations. On the small amount of land a very small fruit is grown called the "Yui" fruit. This small fruit is only grown on Yuion and is used in medicinal practices and highly sought after. Combined with the fact the Yuion is the largest agri-world within three subsectors, its survival is detrimental to the existence of the people of Kandavar and their neighbors.

The Hivemind has shown itself again now and forces are being assembled to thwart this new threat. Fresh off of the loss of Tanacus the Emperor's Shadows make haste to Yuion. Also, arriving late to the attack at Tanacus the 8th company of Charcadons make warp transit into the Sector at the head of 3rd, and 6th company of Sons of Medusa. Bolsetered with more of the Emperor's elite Yuion most hold.

This planet is the perfect recipe for the Tyranids and if consumed would not only greatly expand the the Tyranids biomass reserves, but would make the sector fall apart to hunger. Will the defenders hold onto their precious resources, or will they be the appetiser.

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